Relax and let us pamper you. Packages are a great gift to give yourself or to others.
Our zen packages are specially curated and designed to bring you a little piece of Japan as well as peace of mind, body and soul.


Want to customize your own package? Just call our friendly spa concierge and they will help you create the perfect package for any occasion. 

Shirabe Package 

2 hrs - $155

Shirabe – Meaning “melody” and “investigation”

This package and its treatments seek to remedy imbalances and restores harmony to the skin and body, fine tuning like a musical instrument. This results in deep relaxation, purification, detoxification, and clearing of the body and mind.


Akoya Relaxtion Ritual

Shirabe Facial

60min Akoya Custom Massage 


* Shirabe Facial ( deep cleanse, exfoliation, antioxidant rich mask, brightening serum, and cooling globe therapy* 

Kirakira Pre-Natal Package

1hrs 45min - $165

Kirakira- meaning "sparkle" and "glow"

This package brings out the natural radiance or "kirakira" of expectant mothers with a bespoke belly facial and customized massage designed to focus on the special needs of a mother-to-be as her body changes during pregnancy. It helps reduce swelling, relieve aches and pains, and provide emotional release during pregnancy. Just what every new mother needs.


Akoya Relaxtion Ritual

Baby Bump Facial

60 min Prenatal Massage (includes back scrub) 


* Must be past the first trimester 

Baby Bump Facial - This treatment is for the belly of expectant mothers. It uses gentle exfoliation and a high concentration of barrier repair oils as well as a mask to maximize skin strength, moisturize and increase elasticity to prevent stretch marks, and relieves dryness, discomfort and itchiness.  Click here for more information about the Baby Bump Facial  

Amaterasu Package

2 hrs - $210

Amaterasu- A Japanese Sun Goddess whose gentle beauty and warmth radiated life force and hope throughout the blessed land of Japan, and far beyond. Amaterasu was the one who showed the people their beauty and potential, and in honor of this sentiment the treatments in this package are meant to restore the feeling of refreshed beauty and revitalization in skin and body.


Akoya Relaxtion Ritual

Amaterasu Facial

75min Jindilli Macadamia Body Scrub (Scrub + Massage) 


* Amaterasu Facial (brightening facial includes deep cleansing stonecrop fizzofoliant exfoliation, serum infusion, and cooling globe therapy) 

Misogi Package

2.5 hrs - $250

Misogi – The practice of Misogi is the traditional act of purification and meditation using water and minerals to reconnect with oneself. The treatments in this package provides the awareness and sense of appreciation for the beauty of awakening the system within.
Akoya Relaxtion Ritual
 Misogi Facial
90min Misogi Massage 
*Misogi Massage (herb infused warm oil massage, hot stone, thermal spring mud foot mask, and camphor infused salt treatment).* 
*Misogi facial (antioxidant rich microgreen mask, oxygen enriched circulation stimulation, with mineral thermal spring hydration therapy)*