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Your solution to permanently reducing hair without using laser.


Permanently reduces hair without laser.
Softens & reduces coarse, whisker type hair.
Works on all skin types and hair colors as well as vellus facial hair.
No contraindications … No photosensitivity

Before & After 

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EpilFree a hair removal alternative to laser is a solution applied after waxing, sugaring or threading, and is a completely natural & safe permanent treatment that also nourishes & softens the skin.  
Price varies depending on area


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What are the advantages of the Epilfree system compared with laser or Electrolysis?

The Epilfree System is suitable for all hair types and colors; including red, blonde, grey and downy hair.


Treatment with the preparation offers higher efficiency when compared to other professional methods. The medical team of K.Y.P Cosmetic Technology claims prevention of hair regrowth for a long period of time with an efficacy of 90%.


There is no risk of skin damage, that some people are prone to, as a result of optical depilation procedures and there is no limitation on exposure to the sun after treatment, except the day of.

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Does Epilfree work on everybody?

Epilfree works on everyone and is safe enough for children who may have unwanted body or facial hair. It can be used on any and all parts of the body. The treatments are safe and there is no danger of skin pigmentation or burns. It inhibits hair re-growth and will reduce the frequency of waxing more and more as it's used. The results of treatment with the serums is higher than that of treatment by other methods.

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  • How many treatments are necessary?

Like laser hair removal, a series of 8-12 treatments is typically needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas. The need for a series of treatments is due to the way that hair grows in stages, with only about 10-15% of the hair on your body at any one time in the anagen stage where Epilfree can be effective. The exact number of treatments needed varies among individuals and body parts. We tell our customers to count on twelve. In cases of hormonal issues, more visits with more frequently can be expected.

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