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Procell MD - Microchanneling $295

Procell Microchanneling/microneedling

Procell Microchanneling/microneedling

  • Microchanneling is a non-invasive treatment - Stimulate microchannels with little to no blood and faster healing time than traditional microneedling. The invisible microchannels are created by strategically spread out thin little needles that are stamped straight in and out of the skin. This method is less painful so it allows your skin to go straight into collagen making mode. Stamping is better than pens or rollers because it’s less abrasive to the skin. 


  • Clients love Procell's 90 MINUTE DOWNTIME as compared to 24 or 48+ hours with traditional microneedling.


Recommended Add ons; Celluma infrared light

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