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Permanent Makeup

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"I am my happiest when I can make others feel beautiful and confident"- Rachel

Rachel specializes in permanent makeup. She cares about giving her clients the best possible experience and to exceed all expectations. She grew up doing all of her friends and families makeup and hair not knowing at the time that she could turn her passion into a business. She soon discovered permanent makeup and love for beauty grew ``even stronger. Call 281.488.8797 to schedule with Rachel. 



Using microblading technique to create fine short strokes to resemble natural hair. 

Microblading Initial Appointment 


Microblading 6 - 10 week touch up


Microblading annual touch up 8 - 15 months


Combination brows 

( Microblading + Shading )

Initial Session $390 

Combination brows 6 - 10 weeks touch up


Combination brows annual touch up 12 -18 months


Permanent Eyeliner

Powder Brows

 Powder brows is a cosmetic semi permanent makeup technique designed to create eyebrows with soft powder effect


Lip Brushing

Enhances the color, evens out the tone giving the illusion of fullness and definition to the lips

Lip Blush 6-10 week touch up 


Lip blush annual 18 - 24 month


Eyeliner tattoo top 


Eyeliner tattoo bottom


6-10 week touch up top or  bottom 

Each $50 

Annual top eyeliner 


Bottom eyeliner



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