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Massage Therapists

Renee Locke

Ms. Locke has been performing massages since 1994. Originally from California, Renee decided to take her skills to Texas where she now focuses on integrating Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and sport stretches throughout her services. Her goal is to  “RESET your mind and body.” -Renee Locke

Thor Bly

 "Massage is one of the oldest and strongest conduits for healing, and recovery. I love using this ancient therapy to assist others with identifying any source of discomfort, fatigue and pain. I specialize in exploring new ideas to balance time and flexibility, while maintaining the rigors of our daily routines and responsibilities. It is my most sincere hope that you will allow me to help you get to a place of feeling good”.

- Thor Bly

Pat Nimtragul 

Mrs. Nimtragul has been performing massages since 

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