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If you have read the requirements and are ready to book a virtual consultation, click the button below. As soon as your appointment is booked please fill out the forms. 

Virtual Acne consultations are $29 

* By making an appointment online you are confirming that you agree to and have read our cancellation policy which can be found here.

What is required from you when booking a Virtual Acne Consultation:

1. You must Send 3 photos of your face to us so we can properly assess your skin. Instructions on how to do so will come within 24 hours of booking your appointment. 

2. You must fill out the forms linked on this page. These forms contain vital information used to treat your skin. 

3. You will receive an email with a folder filled with educational information to help you on your skin revision journey. Please read these to educate yourself with them as we will be discussing them during the consultation. 

Please Click the button below to fill out the Acne Client Questionnaire; This form allows your specialist to review your concerns, lifestyle and medications so they can accurately care for you.

Please click the button below to fill out your consent form. 

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