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Virtual Consultations

“In the busy day in age that we live in, there are many different things that we have to manage and worry about in our daily lives. We want to give you an option that can create more convenience in your schedule by offering you a consultation virtually. For those of you that are looking to save time and money, get the quality consultation and recommendations from our certified team members. This is something that we are recommending you sign up for.”

What to expect from your Acne Consultation.

"The best journey in life is the journey back to yourself."

Akoya is in the business of skin. We are a team of Acne Specialists working together to clear your skin and to help you feel your best. With just a couple personal questions about your lifestyle, a few pictures and a quick conversation we can help you clear your acne without the use of harmful prescription medication.

During the consultation we will review and discuss the information that you sent to us, educate you on what acne is and why it forms, create and review your customized treatment plan together, and we will teach you what is triggering your acne and what to do to avoid those triggers.

  1. We ask that you be ready 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment and wait to be contacted.

  2. You MUST complete the forms here and send us your photos, no later than 72 hours before appointment.

  3.  We ask that you read and understand the information sent to you by email; This information contains tips to help avoid acne, instructions on how to take your photos for submission and general education on what acne is.

  4. Commitment is Vital; It is strongly recommended to have a follow-up appointment every 2 weeks so we can adjust your regimen properly, if you are unable to make it, you must contact the acne specialist so we can adjust it for you.

  5. We expect you to strictly follow our regimen as any outside or unapproved products may interfere with the effectiveness of your treatment. 

What is expected of you before and after your consultation?

Are you ready to book your virtual consultation? Click the button below to begin.

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